This website is about me, Mekonen Zewde Chorfo (or Mekonen Zewdie),  and my life cheating my sponsors.  I cheated 3 foreign sponsors who helped me with my education and I even had one of them falsely arrested!  I didn’t pass my exams so I didn’t get my Diploma but I attended the Graduation Ceremony anyway.

I have also stolen from other foreigners and I like to use the money to get drunk and visit whores.

My UK sponsor started a business with me and I tried to steal the vehicles he purchased for our business.  I am too lazy to work properly and earn money, it is easier to steal.

My sponsor got me to sign a legal agreement because of my cheating.  But I don’t want to give him what I agreed and I haven’t paid him any money either even though I signed to say I would.  I told him to take me to court so he did.  I had my sponsor arrested and put in prison using corruption.  I am trying to get him arrested again. I even left a message on his phone saying I would kill him!

I tell many lies.  I even lied in the Court documents saying I had been to the UK, which isn’t true, but I say what I like when I am cheating. I don’t care! I applied to the Court to cancel the agreement I signed but the Judge doesn’t agree so I have to pay costs.  I thought I could tell lies and get away with it but this time it can’t work but most of the time it does!  So what I have done is appeal to a higher court! This means I can be so vindictive  because I can get the Judge to stop the sale of the Land Cruiser vehicle.  I can also delay the legal process by many months. In the end I lost the appeal and lose everything but I don’t care.

I will do everything I can to stop my sponsor getting Justice. I asked the court to impound my sponsor’s vehicle so he can’t use it!  I did this simply to be vindictive but the Judge gave it back to him.  I don’t care what I have to do to steal what doesn’t belong to me.  I am really enjoying the problems I am causing!  The sponsors other students have no money for school or food because of my selfishness.  As long as I get what I want nothing else matters.

The court ordered the Land Cruiser to be sold and for my sponsor to be given the money.  I don’t want to do this, I want money so I try to steal.  Now my sponsor has given me a summons for the vehicle, for the money I owe him in the agreement and for the costs in the case I lost trying to cancel the agreement. 3 court summons in 2 days. I think he will not stop because my sponsor needs justice.

The Judge ordered me to go to the court but I don’t go and I am arrested and held by the police for 5 days. But I lie to the Judge about why I wasn’t there.  I am too good at telling lies and the Judge actually believes me! I am too good at cheating!

Now I appeal to a higher court in all of the cases I lost.  This is so I can stop my sponsor getting the judgement agreed in each case. I have no real grounds to appeal but it will waste even more time (I have wasted 2 years in the court already!).  The legal process here is painfully slow and I know I can use this to my advantage.  Meanwhile I don’t pay any of the money I agreed to pay each 6 months and the courts help me do this! Isn’t it great how I can use the system for my own ends!

I lose the 2 appeals in the High Court but I wasted more than one year so I am happy with this!  Still I don’t pay any money because I get the High Court to block the judgement on me having to pay! It is so easy for me to manipulate the courts to get what I want!

I even try to appeal to the Supreme Court but it doesn’t work, they say I can’t.

The Land Cruiser is sold by the court and I am angry but there is nothing I can do about it.  My sponsor will not stop but I am still trying to cheat. The minibus is also sold by the court but I can’t do anything.  I lost everything that I stole.

The court has now decided that I have to pay what I agreed for the minibus in the agreement I signed plus interest at 9% and court costs. I haven’t paid anything for 5 years even though I agreed to pay every 6 months.  So that is 6 times I didn’t pay!  I told my sponsor I could pay any amount I like even nothing because I love to cheat but the court says I can’t.

Now I have wasted nearly 5 years in the court! Still nothing happens about the lies I told to get my Sponsor arrested.  Really I can do whatever I like.  I can use the police and the court to waste time.  It is easy in Ethiopia!

You can see how my sponsor changed my life but I am not grateful. I want to steal more. So I will..

Because I love money I like to cheat and lie. I don’t care. I think I am going to go to prison in the end. It is inevitable but I don’t care.

I have cheated English, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Spanish and even Chinese people of their money! So many police need me now.

I now run a Tour business to cheat foreigners called Feqere (or Fikir) Tour and Travel. Web address Feqere Tour and Travel . Also known as Ethiopia Camping Tours. For this I use a fake name Naty or Nati. Also Ethiopia Mak Tours. So many ways to cheat.

I am also registered on Couchsurfing to cheat foreigners. Web address Couchsurfing – Mekonen Zewde . I even lie here about being sponsored in my education saying I self funded it. I love to lie.